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The Personicx Eye is an interactive tool aimed at visualising the unique segments that make up the UK market place. It defines and plots them by a logical structure and provides an insightful profile of each of the clusters. Find out more...

Personicx Eye


how the segments are structured


Personicx profiles of the UK market place


the detail that defines each segment


a full definition of the icons used

Understand the structure and how the segments relate to each other
Each cluster represents a unique segment of the population and is defined by four dimensions – Lifestage, Affluence, Digital and Age. These enable the clusters to be plotted to show how they relate to the rest of the UK. Click on the attributes of the structure to identify clusters that are defined by that grouping.

Help: Lifestage Young Adults

Visualise consumer profiles on the segment map
A sample of over 100 profiles are available to view on the map.
Select any characteristic from the drop down categories to see which segments in the market place over index on that criteria compared to the UK population.

Help: Behaviours

Explore the detail that defines each segment
Detailed profiles are available to provide greater understanding of the characteristics that define each segment. Click on each segment to see an overview.
Click ‘Read More’ to see the detailed profile.

Help: Segments

Review a definition of the visual icons used

Help: Icon List